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Complete Car Wash Solutions

Scheduled and Emergency Repairs

If your system isn’t operating, you aren’t making money!

All car wash operators know that equipment breakdowns are inevitable, and often occur during peak business times.   Minimizing downtime is essential not only to customer perception of your business, but also to your bottom line.

We deliver timely repair service when you need it, to get you back up and running, and making a profit.  Our unique combination of skill level, experience, knowledge and professionalism ensure you receive the highest quality service.

Expert Preventative Maintenance

The entire goal of preventative maintenance is to keep your equipment running smoothly, and prevent breakdowns before they occur.  Our scheduled maintenance programs are designed specifically to maximize uptime, and support your goal of increased profits.


  • Build from the ground up
  • Repair all aspects of the car wash, including preventative maintenance
  • Perform all necessary daily or weekly maintenance, to keep your business up and running, including providing car wash supplies and chemicals on monthly contracts, and monthly replacement
  • New car wash equipment sales
  • Perform regular service to your existing car wash infrastructure, and keep downtime to a minimum
  • Exceptional 24/7 service

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Family owned and operated since 1949