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About Us


We are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers, partners and coworkers with integrity, reliability and financial benefit for all.


Working together to create an environment where everyone’s goals can be achieved.


Quality, Integrity, Respect, Reliability, Determination, and Accountability

The Charles E. Thomas Company is a 3rd generation full service general engineering contractor in the state of California. Located in the city of Gardena in Los Angeles since 1949, we have been providing trusted service and construction for Major Oil Companies, and the Retail, Industrial and Commercial Industries.

HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND FAIRNESS with employees, vendors, clients and customers has always been important to us, and our staff of professionals reflect those values today Throughout the years CE Thomas’ reputation has been based on quality performance, project innovation, and total customer satisfaction.

Along with the business principals and ethics started by the founders, CE Thomas will continue to develop its core business operations and seek new opportunities with an eye on future growth.

Family owned and operated since 1949